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At Give A Day Global traveling is our passion; it fuels our creativity, it inspires our teaching, it opens our minds and it compels us to make the world a better place.
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Our Team

At Give A Day Global traveling is our passion; it fuels our creativity, it inspires our teaching, it opens our minds and it compels us to make the world a better place. Our collective travel and volunteer experiences – from Quito to Cape Town, from Botswana to the Bay Area – have opened our eyes (and indeed our hearts) to the enormously complex problems in the developing world. Give a Day is our way of giving back. Together, we founded Give A Day Global. But really we think Give A Day found us – one trip at a time.



Kerry Rodgers

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Kerry is an artist, educator, and entrepreneur who is passionate about social justice. She currently works on the Social Impact Trips team at Airbnb. She previously owned and operated a successful commercial photography business and was a teacher at an independent high school in Silicon Valley. She has volunteered as an art teacher for inmates at San Quentin Prison, as a photography teacher for teens in Haiti, as a mentor for a homeless artist in San Francisco, and as a documentary photographer for numerous nonprofit organizations. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University and a master’s degree in Fine Art at Claremont Graduate University.

Kerry loves to wander off the beaten path to make connections with people in far-flung corners of the world. One of her most memorable traveling experiences was visiting a community organization in an impoverished township outside of Cape Town – a few short hours that changed her life. Kerry is excited to be able to help facilitate such life-changing experiences for others.


Kelsey Solomon

Program Manager

Kelsey is a new resident to the wonderful city of San Francisco, as well as a recent graduate. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from California State University of Long Beach. Throughout her college career she focused on studying Sub-Saharan Africa, Sustainable Development, and Comparative World Literature. She spent a summer in Senegal interning for an eco-village development non-profit that changed her perspective on many issues, all the while growing her passion for traveling and volunteering. Kelsey is ecstatic to now work for an organization that combines those two passions, as well as facilitates her ability to grow and continue learning everyday.


Andrew Strong


Andrew is an artist, educator, and entrepreneur based in the Bay Area. Passionate about travel, he has spent time working, studying, volunteering, and exploring abroad. Recent projects include co-developing a community arts organization and residency program in Northern Indiana and working with international high school students in Himachal Pradesh. His excitement about Give A Day Global stems from an interest in creating cross-cultural connections and learning opportunities around local initiatives.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Studio Art from Whitman College.


Jennifer Vettel


Jennifer is a veteran educator and fundraiser, having worked for schools and nonprofits and currently serves as a board member on a number of organizations (Riekes Center, Eastside College Prep’s adjunct board, Princeton University Institute for International and Regional Studies).  She is passionate about international travel and providing her own children with volunteering experiences while traveling. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and a master’s in education from Stanford University.


Board of Directors

Courtney Regan

Chair of the Board

Courtney is one of the original Co-Founders of Give A Day Global. She has 11 years of experience as a marketing professional, most recently with Gap. In 2012 she turned her passion for travel into a career by launching Courtney Regan Travel LLC, based in San Francisco. She is an Independent Advisor with Brownell Travel, a Virtuoso agency and designs leisure itineraries around the world from South Africa to Ecuador. An avid volunteer, Courtney has taken immersion trips to Ireland and provided mentorship to women in need in the Bay Area.  Most recently, she served as a marketing consultation for Taproot Foundation, a company focused on helping other businesses tackle critical social issues like the environment, health and education.  With Give A Day Global, Courtney is thrilled to combine her life-long loves – traveling and volunteering – into one amazing organization.

Debbie Yeh

Board Member

Debbie is a world traveler, do-gooder, outdoor enthusiast and digital marketer at Google. She currently resides in San Francisco, coming back full circle after living in Sydney, Australia and Singapore. One of her favorite trips was volunteering abroad in West Timor and she wants every traveler to experience that amazingness for at least one day.

Stephanie Hong

Board Member

Stephanie has over 8 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and consumer research from the largest names in the entertainment, consumer, & nonprofit industry. She currently utilizes her marketing skills at Hack Reactor Core, a network of schools that produces the best workplace-ready software engineers. Stephanie began consulting for Give A Day Global in July 2015, and has lead our Digital Marketing strategy, including all of our Google AdWords Marketing campaigns.

Pro Bono Partners

Kim Ziesemer and Heath Meyer

ZM Communications

Kim Ziesemer and Heath Meyer are nationally-recognized communications experts with expertise in corporate communications, public relations, media relations, social media, events, industry thought leadership, content development and digital media.

Committee Members

Dan Aufhauser Dan is an international media and entertainment executive with experience producing creative marketing campaigns for brands and ad agencies. He is an avid traveler, having backpacked alone around the world and having lived in Europe for nearly seven years. He has volunteered in Ethiopia and Vietnam.

Nishchal Chaudhary – Nishchal is a well rounded professional in technology space with 10 years of industry experience in designing, architecting and developing elegant solutions to complex engineering problems. He holds a master’s degree in engineering science from University of Mississippi.

Tasha Dimond  Tasha is an accounting professional and a new San Francisco resident. She is passionate about world travel and other cultures.

Shelley Eades  Shelley is a photographer, business manager, and a dedicated international volunteer.

Gabriel P. Elizondo – Gabriel is an energetic engineer and MBA student at Stanford who has developed a career solving complex problems by leveraging technology and talented people. He is especially passionate about the intersection of education, technology and economic development.

Brett Finkelstein  Brett is an entrepreneur with a particular expertise in sales, marketing and partnerships which he has acquired over the course of his 17+ years in the healthcare industry.

Marissa Gomes – Marketing is her day job, and Marissa will leverage this expertise to help drive awareness of Give a Day Global.  She is passionate about international travel and volunteering.  She has enjoyed visiting 36 countries and found that her volunteering experience she had in Nicaragua made a lasting impact. Marissa wants other travelers to have the same types of poignant experiences.

Bre Johnson Bre’s perfect world consists of travel and volunteer work. Majoring in Sociology and Anthropology set the template for her emphatic love of culture and understanding worldly interaction. She currently works for Cisco Meraki and is on the committee for the Bay Area Red Cross.

Brianne Kimmel Brianne is a world traveling marketer with a passion for giving back. She has previously led global marketing initiatives at Orbitz Worldwide and Expedia Inc.

Catheline Leung  Catheline is a Bay Area native, digital marketer and supporter of social impact causes. In her free time, she loves discovering places near and far. Catheline is excited to share the GADG mission to all travelers!

Yan Liu  Yan is an avid traveler, supporter of good causes, and technology transactional attorney with 20+ years experience in Silicon Valley. He shares his travel and dining adventures on his blog, Perfect Outings.

Jane Martz  Jane is a seasoned travel advisor who firmly believes that travel is an experience that stays with you forever, as does the act of kindness through volunteering. Give a little, gain a lot!

William Mee – Will is a South African software engineer who combines love of travel with an appreciation for the way volunteering helps engage with the world; he’s done both most of his life, and combines them as much as possible.

Zanoon Nissar – Zanoon works in Social Responsibility at Google where she helps employees give back. Her favorite travel experiences include volunteering at a vocational school in the Amazon and at a brace & limb center in Bangladesh.

Mark Olsen – Mark is a senior Information Technology leader and has worked for multiple startups and corporations in diverse industries. He has a passion for building teams, innovation, travel, and volunteering.

Nate Richardson Nate is a Web Developer and IT Consultant with a passion for helping others do what they love, better. Helping to enable change and good throughout the world is one of the most rewarding projects he feels lucky to take part in. He manages multiple businesses along with his day job, including a hosting company and a Photography, Design, and Web studio based out of Atlanta, GA.

Kathleen Ruffle – Kathleen is one of the original co-founders of Give A Day Global and served on the Board of Directors from 2013-2016. Her passion for making a difference began as a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana. She has volunteered in Rwanda through Open A Door Foundation and is currently a learning support specialist at the Bentley School in Oakland.

Smith Schwartz – Smith is a former museum experience designer and digital nomad. She currently lives in San Francisco and is an Interaction Designer at Say Media, building the future of web-based publishing.

Stephanie Scott  Stephanie is a seasoned nonprofit fundraiser and the Chief of Staff for the nonprofit Room to Read.

Danny Shapiro Danny is a business analyst at an Oakland, CA-based charter school organization, and has previously taught middle school English and history at one of the organization’s schools. Before joining the education sector, Danny traveled, studied, and worked in international development and public policy in the US, EU, and Asia.

Mark Zafra  Mark is a leading procurement and sourcing expert for technology companies. He spent two years in the Peace Corps and has served on a number of nonprofit boards. He served on Give A Day Global’s Board of Directors in 2014, and joined the Advisory Board in 2015.

Maria Zhukowsky  Maria has volunteer recruitment experience for the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee and is passionate about international volunteering and different cultures. In December 2015, she started helping Give A Day Global with volunteer coordination and has previously volunteered in South America.