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Give a Day Global believes that the best volunteer experiences happen when you get to work with truly effective and impactful organizations. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.
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How do I book my volunteer day?
  • Take a look through the vetted organizations on the “Volunteer” tab.
  • Learn more about the organization through the link to their website.
  • Connect with the organization directly through their website to organize your volunteer day. Let them know we referred you!
  • Note: many nonprofits state on their websites they they require a minimum number of days or weeks for volunteers. If you are seeking one day volunteering, we recommend that you simply ask them if they can accommodate your request.
Does it cost anything to volunteer?

Give A Day Global is free and does not charge any fees. However we are passionate about supporting the nonprofit organizations that we work with and we believe that when volunteering and financial giving go hand-in-hand it can amplify impact! For this reason we suggest that volunteers to make a donation. Some nonprofits require donations in a specific amount in order to schedule a day of volunteering; we generally recommend donating $100 per adult and $25 per child, or the equivalent in needed supplies. Doing a crowdfunding campaign is a great way to raise the funds – check out our crowdfunding suggestions! Most organizations explain on their websites how you can make donations to their organization, otherwise you can ask them directly.

How do you choose and qualify your partner organizations?

We believe that the best volunteer experiences happen when you get to work with truly effective and impactful organizations. We go through a rigorous screening process to verify that our partner organizations have measured and proven their impact and have a reputation for integrity in their communities. We look for organizations that empower local communities and are results-driven. Our vetting process includes a 50 question survey (some questions we ask directly and some we research the answers ourselves), so that we can be confident about their work. Finally, we look for partner organizations that work for one day volunteers in terms of location and activities – so that you will have an excellent experience with the time you give. We are fully transparent about our vetting process. If you would like to find and vet an organization, check out this guide.

I am familiar with an international non-profit that I think would be a great partner organization for Give A Day Global. Can I have them contact you?

Absolutely! We are always looking to expand our global network of partner organizations. We want to offer our volunteers a variety of opportunities, so if you know of an appropriate organization that meets our requirements or discover one during your travels (wherever that may be), please let us know!

I see you are currently focused on providing volunteer opportunities in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Do you have plans to expand your presence?

Oh yes! It’s no secret that our plan is to take over the world and make it a better place for all its inhabitants in the process – one day at a time. We have our sights set on a number of new locations in the future. Stay tuned.

Additionally, if you are seeking a way to give back when traveling in a country where we don’t currently have a partner organization, we recommend The Reading Glass project. Reading glasses can make a huge difference e to anyone who needs them, anywhere in the world.

What kinds of volunteer opportunities does Give A Day Global connect volunteers with?

We have curated a diverse selection of nonprofit organizations who are working to provide fundamental resources and opportunities to all people. This includes (but is not limited to) organizations serving their communities by offering education, childcare, food & nutrition, health care, economic development, housing, and environmental conservation.

Are there volunteer opportunities for families with children?

Yes, some of our organizations are open to hosting children and adolescents as volunteers; others require a minimum age of 18. Please check out each volunteer listing – those recommended for families are usually a good choice!

What guidelines or policies are in place when volunteer activities include children from the local community?

Volunteers that visit partner organizations which serve children will always be under the supervision of trusted employees and local staff when engaging with children.

Do you have any volunteer opportunities that last longer than one day?

We’re glad you asked! Many of the organizations that we recommend welcome volunteers for 2-3 days or even a week or month of volunteering. If you are looking for longer term volunteering, the we suggest a number of wonderful organizations that focus multi-week volunteering. Here are a few:

Do you recommend any volunteer opportunities here in the U.S.?

If you are looking for daylong volunteering opportunities domestically, there are some great organizations that offer one day opportunities in the United States:

Do your vetted organizations welcome corporate teams?

Indeed we do! To check out our corporate volunteering page click here.

If you have any other questions or would like to sign up for our newsletter, please feel free to contact us at

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