Give A Day Global | Mission and Vision
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Mission and Vision

EarthEquilibrium_Obandito_2Our Mission:
To empower travelers to make a difference,
To support communities creating change, and
To connect people as global citizens, one day at a time.

Our Vision:
We believe that all people should have access to education, healthy food, medical care, a sustainable environment, and economic opportunities. By connecting travelers with nonprofit organizations who pursue these same goals, we aim to engage more people in making the world a better place, one day at a time.

How do we do it?
We connect travelers with short term volunteer opportunities at nonprofit organizations around the world.

How do you do it?

  • Take a look through the vetted organizations on the “Volunteer” tab.
  • Learn more about the organization through the link to their website.
  • Connect with the organization directly to organize your volunteer day. Let them know we referred you!

Who we partner with:
We carefully vet our partner organizations to assess their effectiveness, to ensure they have sound financials, and to verify their reputation for integrity and community impact.

The organizations we are looking for must meet these requirements:

  • Location: Be located near an urban hub or tourist destination.
  • Community Participation: Involve and empower the community they are serving.
  • Language: Have staff that speak English fluently for interacting with our volunteers and communicating with Give A Day Global staff.
  • Communications: Have reliable access to phone and internet communications.
  • Financial integrity: Have transparent and verifiable financial records that demonstrate fiscal responsibility.
  • Legal Structure: Be a registered 501c3 in the US or have a registered fiscal sponsor in the US.

Note: Out of concern for child welfare we do not work with orphanages.


Volunteer One Day of Your Vacation for a Lifetime of Memories!