Give A Day Global | Volunteer Stories
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Volunteer Stories

Environmental Sustainability in Costa Rica

Give A Day Global gives you an opportunity to get off the beaten tourist track to visit a vetted organization, to meet friendly locals while helping the communities you visit. We received great local tips on how to best enjoy the community while also making an impact. This was the highlight of our visit.”

– Mark O. at Costas Verdes

Education and Economic Empowerment in South Africa

“Spending a day with Masicorp was one of the more meaningful things I did during my stay in Cape Town. They gave us a safe, exciting experience into the culture and provided us with the opportunity to give back to the community. It was wonderful having lunch with one of the businesses they support and seeing the beautiful coast of Cape Town.”

– Jensen R at Masicorp

Education in Costa Rica

“Volunteering was a huge highlight of our trip! It was so awesome to see the excitement of the students once we arrived. The whole process of scheduling was seamless and we felt honored to be able to work with Creciendo Juntos. We look forward to working with Give A Day Global again on our next vacation!”

– Shernedra B. at Creciendo Juntos

“We volunteered on our Honeymoon in Costa Rica and I would recommend it to everyone! There is no better way to truly learn about a country and its people than to volunteer and give back to the community.”

– Kailey and Matt at Creciendo Juntos

Health and Nutrition in Costa Rica

“If you are seeking an opportunity to get to know the countries and communities you are visiting on a deeper level, definitely partake in Give a Day Global! The teams both at Give A Day Global and at FIMRC were exceptionally helpful and welcoming, leading to my very special volunteer experience in Costa Rica.”

– Aiko Y. at FIMRC

Environmental Sustainability in Thailand

“Volunteering through Give A Day Global was one of the highlights of our vacation. It was fascinating to get a chance to learn and participate in the local community. The one day that we “gave” to Give A Day Global turned out to be one of the best “gifts” that Thailand gave to us!”

– Malana W. and Sawyer H. at Warm Heart Worldwide

“Witnessing the positive impact of Warm Heart’s projects, I gained a much deeper insight into rural Northern Thailand normally unseen by tourists. It was wonderful to see the joy in the children helped by the Warm Heart Children’s Homes. Warm Heart’s dedicated founders and long-term volunteers were exceptional people to meet.”

– Yan L. at Warm Heart Worldwide

Health and Nutrition in Mexico

“Our family had a great time at Huellas de Pan. Volunteering was a great experience for our kids. I think it was an experience they won’t soon forget!”

– Chris U. at Huellas de Pan

“It was awesome to see the good work Huellas de Pan is doing. Will definitely look to come help out again when I’m back in the area. I had a great time there!”

– Karan S. at Huellas de Pan

Animals in Costa Rica

“Give a Day Global provides the opportunity to give your personal support to an organization that you are passionate about while traveling abroad. We loved the opportunity to work with LAST! We would definitely go back and do it again.”

– Kenzi and Roni at Latin American Sea Turtle Asociation (LAST)

“Give A Day Global provided us with the once in a lifetime opportunity to volunteer with researchers studying sea turtles during our family vacation to Costa Rica. Without Give A Day Global, we would never have known about this amazing organization (LAST) or had the chance to work with sea turtles in the wild. Now my children, ages 8 and 10, want to return to Costa Rica to do volunteer work when they are young adults; this experience has opened their worlds up to new possibilities beyond their backyard.”

– Katie at Latin American Sea Turtle Asociation (LAST)