Give A Day Global | Volunteer in Cambodia, Asia | Lead Language Lessons
Spend one day of your vacation in Cambodia volunteering at a local nonprofit. Work on an Education service project teaching english, facilitating games, practicing pronunciation, and supporting local teachers.
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Lead Language Lessons

  • Students in a Classroom at Elma School
  • Elma School Playground
  • Students at Elma School

About This Project

A Snapshot of Siem Reap
The town of Siem Reap is a major tourist destination because of its proximity to the gorgeous historical temples in the Angkor region. However, the country is still emerging from decades of instability and rule by the Khmer Rouge regime, and as a result more than half of the population in Cambodia is illiterate and living in or near poverty. Learning English at Elma School opens the door for future job opportunities in the tourism sector to improve the standard of living for their families.

Elma School logo transparent smallAbout Elma School 
The Elma School offers English lessons, school materials, and health lessons to poor and vulnerable students. The school has 3 classrooms, a library, and 7 teachers that serve over 400 students in the community.

Volunteering at Elma School
Elma School often welcomes volunteers to help teach English for the day in the classroom. This may involve facilitating games, reading books, practicing pronunciation and vocabulary, giving a presentation and supporting the teacher in the regular curriculum. Students and teachers greatly benefit from practicing english with fluent english speakers. Click on the link below to learn more about the organization and about volunteer opportunities. You may contact them by emailing the Sieng, the director of the school at


Singles, Couples, Families, Small Groups, Large Groups


Monday through Friday


4 hours


Siem Reap