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Spend one day of your vacation in Costa Rica volunteering at a local nonprofit. Work on an environmental service project and assist in conservation programs for the local habitat.
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Plant a Tree

About This Project

CostasVerdesLogoAbout Costas Verdes
Costas Verdes imagines a day when the forest of BarriGuiones once again reaches the sea, and serves as a habitat for wildlife such as sea turtles, monkeys, and parrots. They have planted over 6500 trees of 30 native species. They conduct educational activities to spread environmental awareness that will both help the community live in harmony with the environment and will further the local eco-tourism economy for the benefit of the local community.

A Snapshot of Playa Guiones
The waves of Playa Guiones are renown to surfers, however the long stretch of beach is part of a National Wildlife Refuge that is home abundant wildlife. However, the coast was deforested over half a century ago by ranchers, which threatens it’s use as a corridor for animals.

Volunteering at Costas Verdes 
Costas Verdes often welcomes volunteers to work with local staff on large-scale reforestation projects. The work varies by seasonal cycles, and includes creating planters and tending to seedlings in the nursery, collecting native seeds and saplings from the nearby forest, mulching and fertilizing recent plantings, and digging holes and planting trees. Volunteers may even get a chance to give a name to a tree for posterity! Click on the link below to learn more about the organization and about volunteer opportunities. You may contact them directly through their website or you may email Gerardo at




Singles, Couples, Families, Small Groups, Large Groups


Monday through Friday


4-6 hours


Playa Guiones