Give A Day Global | Volunteer in Costa Rica, Central America | Mentor with Khan Academy
Spend one day of your vacation in Costa Rica volunteering at a local nonprofit. Work on an education service project and assist in computer skills programs to enrich the lives of children in need.
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Coach Computer Skills

About This Project

CresciendoJuntosLogo2About Creciendo Juntos
Creciendo Juntos is a local nonprofit that works with communities in Guanacaste to improve access to quality education, empowering residents of the region to achieve a sustainable future and better quality of life. Creciendo Juntos means “growing together,” and indeed the organization has helped the community to grow by facilitating initiatives throughout the district to help improve the local public schools and allow their students to flourish.

A Snapshot of Playa Hermosa
Playa Hermosa is a coastal town in the state of Guanacaste, where 34.5% of the population live in poverty, a contrast to 16.3 percent in the Central region. There is an 11 percent unemployment rate in Liberia, the capital city of Guanacaste, and only 40% of the population between the ages of 20 and 64 have finished high school. Many schools have limited teaching materials and school supplies; with technology they can access a wealth of information. Give A Day Global is proud to be partnering with the schools to increase their access to learning materials.

Volunteering at Creciendo Juntos
Creciendo Junto often welcomes volunteers to facilitate a computer lesson using Duolingo, Khan Academy* – innovative platforms that provide free, world-class learning videos and interactive exercises, or another online program.These programs encourage self-paced learning, challenging each student at their level. Playa Hermosa School is equipped with tablet computers to allow students to access this technology. Click on the link below to learn more about the organization and about volunteer opportunities. You may contact them directly through their website.



Individuals, Couples, Small Groups, Families


Monday through Friday


3 to 4 hours


Playa Hermosa