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Spend one day of your vacation in Cuba volunteering at a local organization. Work on an environmental service project and assist in on a permaculture farm.
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Cultivate Healthy Land

About This Project

About Finca Tungasuk
Finca Tungasuk is an organic family farm just outside of Havana. The farmland was originally set aside by the Cuban government to encourage youth to take up farming and now serves to improve agricultural self-sufficiency. Originally an orchard, the farm was affected by a tree disease that required the state to destroy the trees in order to eliminate the threat. The team at Finca Tungasuk is working to restore the land to its original purpose while drawing from permaculture principles to create a more sustainable environment. As the orchard matures, they are growing and selling vegetables and working on a variety of projects including water catchment systems, wells, and erosion prevention infrastructure. Another mission of Finca Tungasuk and its friends is to recover and cultivate local heirloom and ”forgotten” fruits like guanabana, caimito, rollina, anon, mamey colorado, as well as the propagation of medicinal plants such as lemongrass, ginger, turmeric, and japanese mint. They serve as a model for other farms across the country.

A Snapshot of Agriculture in Cuba
As an island nation, Cuba imports 70-80% of food consumed by its population. Local organic farming plays a critical role in food security, environmental sustainability, and community health. Small organic farms continue to be an important source of food for the residents of Havana.

Volunteering at Finca Tungasuk
Finca Tungasuk often welcomes volunteers to spend the day working alongside locals at an organic farming cooperative outside of Havana. Planting, harvesting, weeding, watering, and above all learning about sustainable farming and connecting with local farmers are possible daily activities. Click on the link below to learn more about the organization and about volunteer opportunities. You may contact them directly through their blog, Facebook page or you may email them at or (Note: The farm owners speak French, Spanish, and English).



Singles, Couples, Families, Small Groups, Large Groups


Monday through Friday


4-6 hours