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Spend one day of your vacation in South Africa volunteering at a local nonprofit. Work on an education service project and assist in enrichment programs for the community.
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Teach, Read, Learn

About This Project

masicorp-logoAbout Masicorp
Masicorp works for the people of the Masiphumelele township, which is home to a community of more than 38,000 people disadvantaged by the historical legacy of apartheid and poverty. Masicorp spearheads education initiatives and investment in enterprise so that the people there can improve their lives. Masicorp has been around for more than 14 years and in this time has built a trusted relationship with the community. Among Masicorp’s many achievements is the construction of a library and resource center that offers free educational programs to the public.

A Snapshot of Masiphumelele
Masiphumelele is a bustling township in South Africa on the Cape Peninsula about 25 miles from Cape Town. Townships in South Africa are generally underdeveloped communities where many homes are made from salvaged materials, where infrastructure is limited and where employment opportunities are few. Yet the people of Masiphumelele have incredible dignity and find their strength in togetherness. Thus it is not surprising that ‘Masiphumelele’ is the word in Xhosa that translates to ‘We will succeed!’

Volunteering at Masicorp
Masicorp often welcomes volunteers to participate in their various programs. These include reading and playing sports with primary students, assisting a preschool teacher, and helping in the library on education programming. Click on the link below to learn more about the organization and about volunteer opportunities. You may contact them directly through their website.

“Spending a day with Masicorp was one of the more meaningful things I did during my stay in Cape Town. They gave us a safe, exciting experience into the culture and provided us with the opportunity to give back to the community. It was wonderful having lunch with one of the businesses they support and seeing the beautiful coast of Cape Town.”
– Jensen R.


Single Adults, Couples, Families


Monday through Friday


4 hours


Masiphumelele, suburb of Cape Town