Give A Day Global | We’ve launched!
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We’ve launched!

We’ve launched!

Although we’ve been working on Give A Day Global for a few laps around the sun, we’ve officially been in beta phase…until today! Check out this press release announcing our launch.


We’re excited to be off on this mission – a mission to empower travelers to make a difference, to support communities creating change, and to connect people as global citizens, one day at a time.

We recently came across some statistics stating the travel industry represents about 10% of the global GDP. Yet despite its massive scale, very little of this money finds its way into the nonprofit sector. Lots of travelers express an interest in “making a difference” and “giving back” while on vacation, but few organizations currently help make it happen.

We want to harness the goodwill of travelers and make it easy for them to get connected to vetted nonprofits. This would be a meaningful change to a powerful system.  One-day volunteering is a scalable way to connect a meaningful segment of travelers every year with impactful nonprofit organizations—creating a new paradigm for important global causes.

Here we go!